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French Design Marble Fireplace Mantels From Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

The French design fireplace mantles are an excellent touch to your custom décor living room. However you need to find someone who can do it perfectly for you more so if you want a hand carved French design marble fireplace mantel. The design has to be carefully made with new technology and accurate measurements. The mantle has to be durable and with a unique timeless beauty. All these attributes may sound a little bit exaggerated but only one place has the ability to deliver them.

french design marble fireplace mantel

Here at Marvelous Marble Design Inc, we specialize in combining old age techniques with current technology so that we can give you nothing but the best. There are hundreds of designs for the French fireplace mantles. At your request, we can even have your French limestone mantelpiece or marble mantel with TV on top custom made for your family room in luxury house in California or Texas made by our skilled craftsmen.

There are currently a number of designs that you can choose from us.

Antique 302 Marble French Mantels

If you live in New York then this design will definitely bring out the luxury and beauty in your home. This antique can be curved to fit your expected measurements. The most attractive feature of this mantel is the firedog that is gold plated on both sides of the firebox opening.

Antique 306 marble Louis Design Mantelpiece

This chimney piece is made from the popular Pavonazetto marble. This marble is white but decorated with tiger stripes. You can also find some floral decoration on the mantel

The above are just descriptions of some of the designs that you should expect to see when you visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc., expect to find other pieces such as Italian marble fireplace surrounds, limestone mantel pieces and Gothic design fireplace mantel. For more information, you can call us on 1-888-272-0630 or visit their website.

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