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Louis Marble Mantel Fireplace Design

An exquisite medieval French Renaissance period design fireplace. This marble mantel fireplace design is meticulously hand carved out of marble. The marble that the fireplace surround consists of has black strokes of stone in it to add emphasis to its beauty.  The black streaks also add extra detail and a great contrast between the two stone types. This piece is completely hand carved and can be custom made depending on your measurements to see that it best fits your custom built mansion.

marble mantel fireplace designIn this piece we also have a golden color fireplace surround made out of steel; this component of the piece also adds extra detail, beauty and emphasis like the black streaks. This piece can be placed in any room of your custom built house with just one call to 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at for further information and steps on how to order.

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