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Refurbish Your Residence With a Uniquely Designed Limestone Fireplace Mantel in Jacksonville, Florida

It is astounding how a simple installation of unique design of limestone mantel can give the house a refurbished look. You should not be worried that your house is located in the cities such as San Francisco, Greenwich Connecticut or Palm Beach. As long as you are interested in renovating it, you ought to give consideration to features such as the French limestone mantel in custom built mansion.

fireplace mantel

The process of installing custom limestone fireplace mantel is a complex one but if you are equipped with the right tools and sets of skills, you can perform it successfully on your own. However, if you are unsure about your abilities, it would be best to leave this task to professionals, whom you may hire at a fee. Again, these experts are widely available in almost every single city.


The addition of limestone fireplace surround would be perfect in completing the installation process. As a matter of fact, the refurbishing work would produce amazing results when fireplace surround is added into the equation. A limestone mantel with TV on top is an extra feature available for the consideration of a person wishing to give his or her house a major refurbishment or facelift.


Limestone mantels don’t come cheap and you will need to come up with loads of money, or look for creative ways of installing them but at cheaper rates. However, if you are looking for a cost efficient method with which to develop your house, they remain the best option that you can find anywhere. If your intentions of refurbishing are to place the house for sale, the mantels will increase its value by some.


When installing the mantels, start with the legs before progressing to the shelf. You finish off by filling all the screw holes, before proceeding to repair broken seams. Finally, finish by making sure that the fireplace is put through proper sealing. A sealer should be used to perform this task before sitting back to enjoy a newly refurbished house.

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