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Tips on How to Remove Stains From Limestone Fireplace Mantels in San Fransisco, California

The biggest enemy you will need to be prepared adequately for on your French limestone fireplace mantel in California has got to be stains. Some stains are so stubborn and require a lot of investment to remove. This is one reason why people tend to believe that maintaining limestone travertine mantel is a very expensive affair hence never attempting to have this installed in their houses in the first place.


Limestone surfaces are notorious for their ability to soak the stains hence leaving a mess on their tops or visible sides. The key in removing stains on these surfaces is to work on them immediately liquids fall on them. Take a bristle brush and start scrubbing on the surface of the French limestone floor as soon as you notice a stain forming on it. It would be much better if you can get hold of a new brush for this work.

A masonry detergent is a perfect tool for getting rid of stains on custom limestone fireplace mantel, or the limestone range hood. The detergent can be obtained from any store where building items are stocked and sold. Instructions on how to perform this task are usually displayed on the detergent’s cover or wrap. Read them until you understand then proceed to work with it as advised.

A commercial poultice is another very good tool that can be used to remove stains from limestone surfaces. It has been used by several people in diverse areas such as Orange County, California or Maryland and San Diego among others to keep their surfaces clean. However, a lot of care needs to be observed when cleaning with the poultice so that very little harm is done.

If the limestone is fitted outside the house, a good pressure washer should be more than adequate to remove stains from these surfaces. Once you have finished, leave it to dry for some time.

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